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November 17, 2016

Last weekend I still found myself walking around in a bit of a haze.  After dropping off the boys at soccer practice I found myself at the local spinners and weavers fiber show.  It happened to be held at the county historical society and after I wandered through the show I found myself in front of an exhibit with pieces in preparation for the election.  Here was an example of a suffragist dress with a reproduction sash and some examples of writing from women in my country fighting for women's right to vote.  I felt like I had slipped into a time warp.  Instead of a celebratory place I was solemn.

I later that day found myself with my Hilary grocery bag at the check out at the store and there was a woman checking me out at least a generation older than me and she looked me in the eye and said "I like your bag"  she then lifted her apron and showed me her safety pin she was wearing and looked right at mine.  We had this moment of connection and I said "looks like we have some work to do" and she said - "you bet"

The reason I share that with you is that I have been hearing some criticism of the "safety pin" and I am saddened to hear it.  For me it is allowing me to connect with people in my own community that want to make a difference.  I understand that I live in one of just three counties that went blue in my deep red state- I understand that bubble.  But I will not be shamed into showing my support and willing to fight for our rights.

Thank you to the pioneers in my own community years ago that gathered and fought for rights and thank you to the current pioneers pulling up your sleeves and getting ready to work.

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