sticks and string

November 02, 2016

I came across this quote from the site The Woven Road and I thought it was incredibly meaningful for this time of the year when the veil is thin and we honor our ancestors.  Not necessarily on the spooky Halloween side; but with the days following Day of the Dead when we celebrate and honor our ancestors that have passed on.  The quote is this:

"When we engage in fiber arts, we are creating something, but we're also participating in historic traditions tens of thousands of years old.  You are not only not only making art for your soul and future generations, you are embodying the work of our ancestors."

I inherited my grandmothers tiny crochet hooks.  She was not a knitter, she was a crocheter.  I have several granny square style blankets lovingly made in acrylic yarn tucked away in my cedar chest.  Earlier in her crafting days she crocheted doilies.  Small delicate stitches.  I don't have a story of me learning to knit from an ancestor but I am heavily influenced by crafty women of my family.

One of the beautiful elements of knitting is just the simplicity of it.  We knit much like our ancestors- two sticks and some strings making interconnected loops.  That simple.

My family is buried in farm country in Iowa which was a little too far to travel to but I was able to visit a couple summers ago.  It was humbling to be there and honor these creative women in my family.

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