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October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween everyone!  I can hardly believe A-it is the end of October and B-I am wearing sandals today!  I have enjoyed a day off work with the fellas.  The pre-teen is going trick or treating after I fill his belly with chili and the teen is helping hand out treats tonight.

I saw a little inspiration in internet land and decided to make some little yarn ghosts for the trick or treaters out there.  The boys promptly said you are still going to give out candy right?  Nervous laugh . . .   Yes I still got the chocolate, the suckers, and the sour patch kids by request but am hoping some little ghosts and goblins might like a little wool treat as well!

I got a simple skein of  Patons white wool- I went cheap friends and got it at Michaels.  I cut off a piece of cardboard and starting wrapping this little ghosts yesterday.  I made them until I ran out of wool which is right at 19.  Just a strand for the top, a strand around the neck and clip the bottom loop.   The jury is still out on the best method for the eyes.  I think I like the black paint marker better than the dark brown fabric paint.

Wool on the brain- yep- next year I think I am going for the zombie knitter costume for sure!

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