little touches

October 29, 2016

I took the afternoon to start putting out some harvest/Halloween decorations.  Even though the boys are way past picture books I cannot resist putting out some reading for the season featuring my favorite ghost- Gus!  I loved him from my childhood and I also added some printed burlap to the decor this year.  I like the simple design that gives a rustic- look as most of the fall fabrics are bit too cute for my style.  A killer fall plaid would have been cool as well.

A few dried flowers and of course buntings and I am pretty tickled with the seasonal change.  I pulled out the dead marigolds and last of the herbs from the outside clawfoot tub and could not find the winter pansies I was wanting to plant in it so I recycled past decorations for a little cemetery for Mr. Bones!

Now it is time to finish up some yarn ghosts for trick or treaters, buy some candy, go get some pho soup to go for dinner and light some candles.  Home does this soul so much good!

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