October New Year

October 13, 2016

October has lots of meaning for folks- fall, pumpkin spice, leaves, Halloween, sweater weather! Among all of the orange, gold, and dark red harvest there is lots of green clovers that are getting ready to celebrate a new year.  You see October is the beginning of the 4-H year.  That means finding out not only what my own fella's would like to explore but also planning my second year of being a project leader which is; as you might have guessed- knitting!

So I am celebrating the beginning of the 4-H year with a treat to myself of a new carry bag- I really like the collaboration with FarmHer and 4-H and jumped at the chance to get a special 4-H version of their bag at the 4-H Mall.  I may not be farming like my grandparents and beyond had done but I like to think my bit of urban chicken farming would make them proud! 

My second treat was the new book that I want to share with my knitting project 4-H'ers, People Knitting by Barbara Levine.  I like showing them that this unique thing that they are doing with two sticks and some string goes back a long time and will give them skills they can take into the future- yep- certified yarn junkie here!  This book fill my soul in so many ways and look forward to sharing some snippets of it with you through out the fall in fun ways! 

So happy fall- happy 4-H year and happy knitting! 

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