Pumpkin Spice

October 08, 2016

So if spice if the variety of life than I am taking a break to bring in another variety of pumpkin decor this October.  You see, when we get real pumpkins there is a problem that keeps occurring.  A certain nut burying, tree swinging critter in these parts seems to think that every time a pumpkin appears a dinner bell is being rung and this is what we have left.  Small nibble spots on our dearly delivered pumpkins from Oma's garden.  So far it is helping determine the carving path if it makes it that long.

This is why I have slowly starting bringing in some terra cotta pumpkins the past couple years but this year I decided to start a wooly pumpkin.  It is all the fault of Knit-Picks that tempted me with the free pattern, and then the yarn shop that happened to have this amazing rustic orange Churro wool yarn!  I did not know what Churro wool yarn was till I used the ol' google machine and discovered it is a rare breed sheep.  Churro sheep were the original sheep brought to the New World by Columbus on his second voyage. The king of Spain would not allow the Merino sheep to be taken from the country, so Churros, with their coarser wool, were brought over.  

I will be using the Rio Grande Churro Yarn in the color of Kota.  I love the rustic color and feel and hoping it will knit up quickly for a little wooly goodness this fall.  I will just need to find my walnut dyed wool for the stem.  For more info of Churro Sheep click here.  I am going to look forward to sharing this with my 4-H knitters this year.

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