October 05, 2016

I thought I would feature a toy in the shop that expresses me playing with wood and wool this week.  I must confess that Norway and/or Iceland are on my travel bucket list.  Part of it is my love of troll folklore.  The documentary Troll Hunter from a few years back- brilliant!

My troll Rollo is quite the nice troll- he loves to hang out under bridges, along bridges, and near beautiful creek beds watching the leaves fall.  He wants to share bits of nature with you in his hands.  Sometimes it gets chilly on his walks so I made him a little wool cloak.

Not sure I can still talk my boys into going on troll walks like we use to do, but they are excited for the fall season!

Find Rollo the nature sharing troll in the shop.  And for your knitting pleasure you should check out the Troll Hat pattern- too cute!

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