spooky weekend prep

October 28, 2016

Looking forward to a nice long weekend and getting ready for Halloween with my crew.  Out will come the spiders, pumpkins, and other Halloween decorations this weekend.  Remember that rustic churro wool yarn I came across?  I took a break from the cardigan knitting this week and knit up a little rustic pumpkin.  It came out pretty darn cute so I thought I would share how I did it in case you wanted to knit one up too.

I browsed Revelry at several patterns and wanted to credit this pattern Curly Purly Pumpkin pattern with some slight changes:

Yarn- Churro Wool Yarn medium weight
US 10 Double Point needles
Rib pattern knit 4 purl 2
Cast on 42 stitches

Divided the stitches on 3 needles- I knit in the rib pattern and knit approximately 45 rows.  I finished the bottom and then added a few marbles for weight, wool roving for stuffing, and added stick tip for the stem before cinching up the top.

Easy enough!  Thanks to all the great pattern inspiration out there!  Now for a real fright- yep this finally happened.  Reading glasses for this knitting mama is starting to be necessary for pattern reading and seeing the stitches!  Bound to happen some time or other right!

Now back to the cardigan and some ghosty inspiration to come yet!

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