needle report and thinking about super wash wools

October 22, 2016

Happy to report what is on my needles will hopefully be off my needles by the end of the month- fingers crossed!  I started the cardigan "practically" this summer.  It has traveled with me on fishing excursions, camping, lots of nights at YEOW, and plenty of soccer, and some fall festivals.

I had to set it down for a few weeks when I was preparing for the Berlin Bazaar that I participated in but I have been plugging away at it here and am excited to finish it and start wearing it!  I really love the pattern and could not more highly recommend it.  I really like how the yarn is knitting up except that I am not always crazy about how it feels on my fingers.  It is a Madelinetosh that I picked up almost exclusively due to the color.  I was hesitant with it being super wash wool- the wool part yes but I have been reading and hearing more about the process of what makes a "super wash" and not totally comfortable with it ethically but I do know it feels different to knit with.

I am just starting to learn more but if you would like to read more I highly recommend starting here on Woolful not to forget to mention what an amazing podcast it is as well.  It has really opened my eyes to some amazing fiber folks out there!

That all being said I am highly anticipating the moment of bind off and weaving in the ends before I can slip this over my shoulders this fall and wear it to the festivals, the soccer games and YEOW!

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