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October 18, 2016

I do have a love/hate relationship with spiders.  On the one hand I really truly appreciate the beauty of these little nature weavers and the amazing role they play in the circle of life- you know keeping the bug population down and all.  But on the other hand I am a bit of an arachnophobe and they weird me out quite a bit.  Generally as long as they stay outside I am pretty cool with them.

That being said I do try to do some self induced therapy at certain times of the year and Halloween and the fall being prime time to work on some therapy as they seem to be prominent part of decor both inside and out this time of the year.

I am going to be pulling out my spider web skirt for my work costume this year and decided to coordinate my office decor as well so I went to Pinterest.  Yes, we have all had the Pinterest fails but this one my friends was not!  As soon as I saw the doily turned spider web in embroidery hoops I knew I had to try it.

You bet I do have a little stash of doilies but they are made by my grandma and I did not want to cut them up so I drug my eldest along to the antique mall and went on a doily hunt.  You can image we were quite the pair holding them up to the light and asking each other if they looked spider web enough!  If there is one thing you can count on in the antique mall it is doilies and hankies so mission accomplished within 22 minutes- I had 4 wonderful doilies in hand for under $10.

A quick stop by the craft store for some basic embroidery hoops and then on home.  Eldest son was also pretty sure we had some black spray paint at home- he knows me well; in fact I had 3!  Set out a good paint spot and in short time I had some black embroidery hoops.  Good to know that the chicken feed sacks make an excellent paint drop cloth!

After they dried I lined up the doilies, tightened them down, trimmed off the scrap, added some simple ribbon and spiders and they were all set.  I really like them and hope that the grandma who made these doilies will appreciate this modern use for them and my therapy session!  Pro-tip get the stretchy spiders and just stretch them between the holes- no glue needed!

Thank you Pinterest and the fantastic crafty soul who thought of this one!  Enjoy the October webs my friends!

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