Ides of March

March 15, 2017

After I got the boys down to bed last night I took some time to dig through my stash of postcards to see what I could find to send to the White House to voice my opposition to the current president.  I broke out my letter stamps and did some altering on a few.  Will these ever even make across his desk-not sure, but it felt good to make something to continue to voice my concerns.

I picked out a vintage Florida postcard since he has seemed keen on taking several vacations there many times already in his first couple months in office on our taxpayer money so I thought that was fitting with a message of "greetings from the resistance".

I also altered an awesome old vintage postcard I had of these ladies- I have no idea who they are but they begged to have some Pussyhat Project hats added and a simple message.

I also included some that were in my stash that just speak to me as a mother and included messages of listening and thinking about the future for all children.

And last I could not resist these awesome postcards that we got from the recent T/F film fest speaking about the power of trees.  P.S.- science is real.

So with stamps in place they are in the mailbox ready to be picked up-  What did you make this Ides of March campaign?

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