maker amusement park!

March 31, 2017

I don't often travel to one of the big tourist areas of our state but as my eldest was on an adventure in the mountains with a good friend during spring break, we loaded up our scamp Coleen and took the youngest down to the southern end of the state.  Our adventure started out at the Titanic museum- it still gets me every April.  I am pretty convinced that me, my mama, and the youngest are reincarnated  since we are all born in April- but that is another story.  We spent about two hours in the museum and then found a great little state park to camp in for the evening.

The next day the blue skies opened up and we headed to Silver Dollar City.  My husband and I have not been since we were kids.  I really liked it compared to Six Flags which still has a high roller coaster ranking for me.  What won me over at Silver Dollar City was the very laid back feeling of the park and the whole aesthetic of the park.  Being makers and loving the DIY side of life we really liked all the blacksmith, glass blowing, leatherwork, weaving, candy making etc . . . happening.  I dub it the "maker amusement park"

Whoever curates the park buildings and accessories did a stellar job and they have done a great job of bringing in some great roller coasters also- they did not disappoint.  Combine all of that with a smoked turkey leg for the youngest and he had a ball.  I apologize for such a photo heavy post but I just could not help it!

I definitely plan to go back south and bring the eldest along next time- possibly spend more than just a walk through in the yarn shop!  Hope your spring break adventures had some fiber in them too!

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