March Knit and Resist

March 21, 2017

I finished up the March Knit and Resist pussyhat project hat.  This month in honor of National Women's History month the auction proceeds will go toward NOW- National Organization for Women.

First the yarn- it by far is the "hottest" pink I have used in a hat!  I chose a hand dyed 100% merino wool called Maxima from the company Manos Del Uruguay.  They are a fair trade non-profit organization which assembles women in cooperatives throughout the countryside of Uruguay with the aim of bringing economic and social opportunities to rural women.

I really like the mission of this company and this yarn is so super soft and cuddly- all I can think of to call it is pure "squish"  The label let me know that this was knit by Camilo and from Fraile Muerto region of Uruguay.

Next for where this hat traveled this month.  I started this hat at our local community film festival True/False that has gotten an international reputation as one of the largest documentary film festivals.  It is a progressive festival that incorporates art, music, food and film.  Each year I walk away empowered in my volunteer work and the films that I get to watch.

My home lovingly welcomed in a new member- Noodle the Cat and she has taken an interested in my knitting and yarn and learning that it is not a toy!  She was dumped in the countryside and showed up at my folks place and we adopted her.  She is a great addition to our family and fittingly a part of the "pussyhat project"

I finished the hat at my son's soccer games this last weekend.  One of things about becoming a soccer mom is that it accommodates my knitting so well.  I love how the pink shirts of the boys uniforms match the hat and open the boundary of gender role assigning to colors.  Well played coaches!

So there you have it!  All proceeds on this hat after the cost of the yarn and shipping will go to NOW.  The yarn was around $22 and the shipping for this hat is $6 so all proceeds after this will go to the organization.  There is no price incorporated for the actual knitting and I am including a complimentary wood pussyhat key fob.

Thank you again for all your support for this project!  Next month will be O-Wool for the yarn and the donation to the Natural Resources Defense Council.  I will be incorporating some cotton for the summer months!

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