Knit and Resist- Cat Paw Headband

July 05, 2017

You may remember that I was taking a break from the wool Pussyhats for the summer months.  I attempted to do my second knitting pattern!  I incorporated an existing lacework pattern known as Cat's Paw into a headband pattern.  I did the first sample in some kitchen cotton and it came out a bit heavy.  As I was curating the yarn to make this in I discovered Quince and Co. Willet Cleaner Cotton- a responsible US cotton yarn.  There is more information about the ethical side of this yarn here.  I really enjoyed the delicate quality of the yarn as well.  It is more of a sport weight which works great for lace work.

I started working on this at the pool side while my youngest swam all afternoon in June, continued on it with my knitting buddy, then onto New Orleans at Cafe Du Monde and on the steps outside St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square in the French Quarter.  I finished it yesterday in the wee hours of the morning back at home before knitting on my Welcome Blanket.

This headband is now available in the shop- all proceeds after the cost of the yarn and shipping will go towards the Women's March.  I really respect this movement and know that it is not done and am proud to make something with my hands that will continue to support resisting this administration.

If you would like to try and knit this yourself I listed the pattern on Ravelry.  Thank you so much for your support in this craftivism movement!

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  1. Lovely pattern. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Thank you,love the pattern.
    Knit & resist 2018


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