Honoring freedom

July 04, 2017

I am sporting my red white and blue today while I am knitting away on my Welcome Blanket.  You may have heard about this new craftivism project imagined by the co-founder of the Pussyhat Project.  It is a call for 2000 blankets with yardage that will add up to the proposed "Trump Wall"  after the blankets are displayed in a museum in Chicago they will be distributed to refugee families in the US.

I was super excited to have another opportunity to using knitting in my craftivism and resist the current administration's policies.  Using your hands and voice to share when you disagree in these troubling times is epitome of freedom and patriotism in my opinion.

I decided to go with an easy to care for natural fiber.  With some of the reading I have been doing about super wash wool I decided to go with cotton.  I used Knit Picks Billow cotton in natural, cornmeal, and turmeric.  The yarn does shed a bit and has a thick/thin in the ply but I actually love the rustic feel that gives to the squares.

I decided to go with a wheat pattern and color selection.  My family helped me center on this as it reflects both my midwest heritage of farming and interestingly enough it is the flag of Volga Germans which is part of my Russian heritage.  There was a Volga German settlement in Russian that my great grandparents came from.  Many immigrated and settled in the midwest US to continue farming.

I started my first square on vacation this past couple of weeks.  What was suppose to be a beach vacation turned into a mountain vacation thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy- more on that in the next blog post!  But the special part was that I was able to start my first square in the state of my birth- Colorado- neat huh?

If you want to follow along in my progress feel free to follow my progress on my Ravelry page.  I am heading out to share some good food, drink, family time, and knitting as we light up the sky.  Cheers to all who share in our freedom raise our voices and knitting needles when we don't agree with policies that a so hurtful to our rights and our world.

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