Knit Your Own Adventure- Part 2 Great Sand Dunes

July 15, 2017

Our first destination in Colorado was the Great Sand Dunes.  We arrived in the evening so we made our way to a wilderness area campground and worked on setting up the tent and making some dinner. Kudos to my chef husband who does such a great job preparing for our family.  We were in this really neat desert like area and enjoying bowls of mexican pozole that he had prepared before we left and froze for one of our dinners.  The mosquitos were a bit intense so we hopped in the tent pretty early and crashed out after a long day of travel.

We broke camp the next morning determined to make that day and all the rest of the vacation lovely!  Shortly we were at the Great Sand Dunes.  They were magnificent and so unique.  The park rangers let us know that there was a storm brewing on the other side of the mountains that was causing some really intense winds that day on the dunes.    We headed over to the dunes and they were not kidding! We layered up so that we would not get too sand blasted.  It was beautiful and intense at the same time.  If you have ever walked in lots of sand in lots of wind you will understand why I did not make it to the top of the dunes.  My body was aching and ready to head back after topping a couple of the dunes so I went back while the boys kept moving.

I went back and rinsed off in the stream that is at the foot of the dunes.  The fellas joined me later and we all enjoyed playing around in the stream at the base of this awesome geographical feature.  I really recommend you stop by the dunes if you are ever near this National Park.

I had brought about 4 knitting projects with me on this vacation, Jan's Poncho (my perpetual long term project) the Cat's Paw Headband, my summer linen shirt, and yarn for the Welcome Blanket.  It was this first night in Colorado that I cast on that first square for the blanket.  I had not idea I would be starting it in my birth state in the mountains- funny how the universe works sometimes!

Up next- Part 3 Durango!

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