Knit Your Own Adventure- Eleven Point River and Greer Spring

August 05, 2017

Last week my family was able to sneak in a kayak trip with my husband's brother and his family on a stunning river in the southern part of our state.  We loaded up the boys, our Scamp Coleen, some kayaks, some yarn and headed that way.

We floated 12 miles and enjoyed family, cool water, and lots of sunshine! The Eleven Point river is spring fed in several spots but we floated near Greer Spring which happens to be the second largest spring in our state.  The next day the boys and I hiked down to the beginning of the spring and I truly understand why it is called a jewel.  It is so spiritual to me to be in places like this in nature.  I feel grounded and in awe in places like this!

We journeyed back home and made an obligatory stop by a local dairy for some ice-cream for the boys and I was able to knit in a couple rows.

A fun state side adventure that was much appreciated!

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