Knit Your Own Adventure Part 4- Silverton and Ouray

August 01, 2017

Before we hit the mountain road on the way to Silverton we found an alpine lake hike to do.  Apparently it had been a really good snow year for Colorado so the trail that my husband wanted to take us on was closed on the upper crossing to the lake so we sought out some advice in Durango and landed on Spud Lake Trail.  Even though the road to get to the trail head said we did not need a high clearance vehicle we ended up parking the van and walking the last .5 miles to the trail head because the road was so rough.  It was a stunningly beautiful hike that was moderate in difficulty and rewarded you with a beautiful alpine lake at the end.  I wanted to hang out and knit more up there but some weather was moving in and so we headed on back down and made our way into Silverton.

Oh Silverton- you won my heart.  I wish that I did not have to go on winding high mountain roads both in and out but I adored you!  It is very historic and has some awesome shops and burgers!  We ate dinner there and then drove a couple miles out of town to find some dispersed camping in a wilderness area.  It was stunning and chilly!  Beautiful mountains and incredible mountain stream to camp by.  Our biggest adventure here was when our boys decided to go out on a walk together right before dark without flashlights.  Did I mention their definition of walk was a good way up a mountain trail- yikes!  But once they were safely back at the tent we hunkered in for one of our coldest nights of camping and then headed back into Silverton for some coffee and more exploring.

Once we left Silverton we continued on said winding, nerve wracking mountain highway- The Million Mile Highway or 550.  I realized then that I should have been sitting in the back seat so I could breath better!  

Ouray was not quite as historic and sweet to me as Silverton but we enjoyed walking around, finding the famous chocolate shop and some good eats.  We passed on doing the hot springs as they looked more like a pool than mountain hot springs and made our journey towards the next wilderness area.  Up next San Isabel wilderness area in Salida.  

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