October 30, 2017

I wanted to update on our remodel dealing with the asbestos floor tile that we found in one room in our basement as we ripped up the carpet and were preparing to have the concrete stained.  So in my own curiosity I visited with our neighbor who was familiar with our house prior to us.  I was trying to understand what this room was in the basement considered we had the impression it was not finished till the couple who flipped the house and sold it to us.

She shared some ugly stuff with the original builder/owner of the house and that he was abusive to his wife and three daughters.  Apparently this was the daughters room- one room in an otherwise unfinished basement.  I feel like we have opened and uncovered this flooring and parts of a story that we don't completely know or understand.

Interestingly that room is physically and professionally being abated and cleaned tomorrow on Halloween.  We had done a thorough smudging when we moved in but I feel spiritually it needs it again.  It will be time to cleanse this energy out of the house surrounding Halloween/Samhain/Dia de los Muertos when that veil is thin- timing I did not see coming!

I had the day off with my boys and we found our selves taking a load to Goodwill from the remodeling purge and we decided to pop in for a look around.  On the shelf just waiting for me to find it was a beautiful glass ball; often known as a witch ball that can be hung to trap negative energy- a talisman to be hung in your home.

I have had a smaller ball hanging in my front window upstairs but I think this beautiful yellow one will be perfect to hang downstairs in this room or near it.  I also gathered some herbs from my yard and garden to make a smudge to burn after the abatement.

I am on a bit of time crunch so I wrapped it and it is now drying in the oven so it smells like cedar, rosemary, sage, and lavender in my kitchen right now!

Wish us luck as we continue to trudge forth making our little abode updated, cozy, and home!

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