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October 24, 2017

I shut down my Etsy shop for the month of October for a reason that has been a long time coming with lots of work involved.  I have been wanting to rip the carpet out of my basement for at least 8 years now.  The previous owners had finished the basement and put off-white carpet in the basement and after a non-disclosed on again off again moisture issue, 2 boys, 2 cats, and a dog the carpet is more off than white!

So we did some planning and work and are incorporating some new flooring as part of some other remodeling that we are doing.  Yay for old yucky carpeting being pulled out!  We are have the concrete stained and just getting one nice area rug.

We have been working hard sorting, purging, packing for the past couple weeks since our basement, camping storage and my studio are all in the carpeted areas.  On the weekend it was time to demo the old carpet and get our first look at the concrete flooring.  All was going pretty well till we got to the back room where my studio room was and discovered another flooring under the carpet.

At first I was like "cool vintage floor" when all of a sudden it started to dawn on us; house was built in the late 50's, 9 inch single speckled tile; bloody hell I bet they are asbestos tile that was so wildly popular from the 1920's- 1960's!  I love vintage- but not this kind of vintage!

So we stopped in our tracks and left the carpet tack in that room and decided to call in our contractor. After some closer examination and phone calls we are about 90% sure they are asbestos and since we noticed a couple cracks and some damage on the edge we will need to have it abated professionally.

Fingers crossed that it does not set up back and arm and a leg.  We will get the estimate this week and hopefully it will be out by next week and we only lose a couple weeks of the schedule.

I guess the biggest issue we have, this is just one more thing that did not disclosed to us when we bought the house.  One of the sellers have even just graduated from law school- karma you better take care of this one!

With all of my yarn packed up I left myself 3 potential projects; I am almost finished with the linen shirt, my eclipse hat, and my very slow knitting project of the poncho.  I remembered at the last minute to grab some white cotton to make more ghosts this year for the trick or treaters!  Hopefully that all keeps my sticks clicking with this slight delay in the remodel!

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