Got wool? Fiber Share Anatomy part 2

October 11, 2017

A fun part of fiber share is also putting together a package of wooly goodness for your partner.  As you can tell I am little bit smitten with the enamel camp cup trend.  I am sure it is strongly influenced by my dear Scamp Coleen!  I dabbled in some design making once more on Canva and came up with this sweet little design.  What do you think?  A local Etsy artist made it from my design and she had the sweetest packaging to boot!

So if you are going to include a "got wool?" custom cup you better include some wool right?  Of course!  So for my partner's wool I included the following curated yarns:

Some extra little treats were some tea with a little caffeine boost to help with late night knitting sessions and some fun buttons all in a fun FiberShare project bag.  

Who else loves putting together the fiber love like I do?  I really enjoy it and also had a lot of fun playing around with some amateur design work.  Though they don't have camp cups yet I did add the design to a Cafe Press shop if you like it and want to get it on some items.  I am keen on the camp cup so I might be adding some to the shop in the future.  

Till then make sure you get your daily dose of fiber!

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